Body Trays & Racking

LM 80/100: Body Tray
Body trays have a rugged construction made entirely of stainless steel. They are fitted with large handles and closed skids for easy and ergonomic manoeuvring. The seamless design limits the potential for build-up of debris that may result in contamination.

  • Seamless deep-drawn
  • Stainless steel material 1.4301
  • 2 big handles
  • Carrying capacity 200 kg
  • Dimensions W/D/H: 2080 x 620 x 90 mm
  • Available in a variety of options including drain, larger widths and higher capacity

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RE 30/900: Mortuary racking
Racking systems for body trays and coffins are a ridged free standing construction made from stainless steel and are equipped with rubberised maintenance free rollers for easy and ergonomic loading of trays. The racking systems are designed to be loaded by a lift and transport truck to achieve a minimal manual handling work area.

  • 2-5 levels
  • Carrying capacity: 250 or 350kg per level
  • Dimensions W/D: 2080 x 900
  • Freestanding
  • Also available in double wide configuration

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REF 32/750: Mobile mortuary racking
Racking systems area also available in a mobile version. Constructed the same as the free standing racking, the mobile racking features 4 heavy duty maintenance free 125mm wheels; 2 fixed castors and 2 steerable with breaks.

  • 2-5 levels
  • Carrying capacity 250 or 350kg per level
  • Dimensions W/D:  2080 x 750
  • Movable with 2 fixed castors, 2 steerable with break,
  • diameter = 125 mm

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KRA: Cantilever shelf device
The structure consists of rugged stainless steel profiles which are equipped on each tier with two cantilevers. The shelf can be fixed at the bottom with four fastening plates. These area ideal for the storage of empty coffins and spare trays or tanks.

  • A rugged stainless steel construction
  • 2-4 levels
  • Carrying capacity 150 kg per level
  • Dimensions W/D:  1500 x 700

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 LM 80/010: BASICLINE Body Tray

Two-heat resistant handles made of plastic are attached to the narrow ends, as a favourable alternative for our basic seamless deep drawn body tray. This body tray serves to accomodate, store and transport bodies of deceased with it's rugged structure of ground stainless steel.

  • Dimensions W/D/H 1900 x 620 x 35mm
  • Max. carrying capacity 200kg
  • Dead weight 16kg
  • Resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants

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