Formalin Neutralizing


Formalin Neutralizing: User and Environment Friendly Solution in Formaldehyde Waste Management

Fully  Automatic

Collection of waste formalin onsite, without transportation, is possible due to waste reservoirs connected to grossing stations that have connection lines directly to the main unit. Formalin waste is neutralized whilst you continue to work.

Quality Control
Run reports can be displayed on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Patented Neutralizer
The only environmentally safe and certified technology for the neutralization of formalin waste. 

Reliability of Results
Thanks to sample taking, before the neutralized waste is passed onto sewage it enables you to check the accuracy of the procedure implemented.


  • The system consists of a main unit and waste reservoirs.
  • All procedures can be monitored on the main screen.
  • Modularity up to four waste reservoirs.
  • When any waste reservoir is full, formalin waste is transferred to main unit automatically.
  • Before beginning the neutralization process, the system checks for the presence of neutralized material, in the event that there is none present the user will be warned both visually and via audio.
  • After the neutralizer loads, the device automatically locks the loading section in terms of the user and application safety.
  • The neutralization process is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Thanks to sample taking, the reliability of every run can be tested and reviewed.
  • When the procedure is completed, the neutralized waste is drained into the sewage automatically.
  • Run reports are monitored on the screen on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  • The change period of an active carbon filter can be monitored on the screen of the system.


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